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Global Hypnosis Center is based in London Ontario where the majority of our classes take place. Once you receive your certification you will automatically be a part of the oldest, largest and most reputable hypnosis organization in the world, The National Guild Of Hypnotists. Also, included in your tuition you will receive your first year membership for free.

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Your hypnosis education becomes the most meaningful and valuable when you walk away with the confidence and skills to represent yourself as an academically trained professional in your own business, the medical community, holistic community, and all other communities.
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“My most-loved daughter was killed in an automobile accident just 2 days after her 17th birthday on the first day of her senior year in high school. My mom brought me on this cruise to help heal my broken soul. The cruise was soothing, but Nadeen took some special time after her seminar to work with me individually. I have tremendous respect and admiration for her special skills. She gave me a gift that I desperately needed. I can’t express what you did for me out of the goodness of your heart. My therapist is impressed and said that I may not need as much work as we thought we had to do…isn’t that wonderful??? God used her to help me regain my sense of well-being. God Bless you Nadeen‚ You helped me so much! Much Love and BEST of Life to YOU!!!”
Terri Sprankle
Norwegian Cruise Line Passenger
“We particularly enjoyed the uniqueness of Nadeen’s shows. It was great to not only be entertained, but also get personal benefits from her skills and talents. We also participated in her workshop and look forward to trying our self-hypnosis skills when we return home.”
Alice and Norman Wycke
“She was kind, smart, friendly, treated all audience with care – saw all 3 shows and went to her seminar – she was so impressive and moved me emotionally – Wonderful kind lady! Interesting and informative.”
Linda Scott
“I really enjoyed her shows and especially appreciated her sincere interest in helping people! As a result of Nadeen’s hypnotic suggestions I am no longer a procrastinator – I am a woman of action! Thanks, Nadeen!”
Deni Kellogg
“She is a great entertainer. She has great passion for her work and helping others. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting her.”
Sandie Ross